The Detox Cure

Activated Charcoal and Sodium Ascorbate

Regimen for sodium ascorbate

A regimen that was used in research concerning the effects of Vitamin C in substance withdrawals, showed that taking 300mg of Sodium Ascorbate (Also known as ‘Buffered Vitamin C’) every day for a month offered significant relief of symptoms.

The prolonged regimen used is according to this table published by the National Library of Medicine. Sodium Ascorbate is referred to as “SA” in the table.

In the case of extreme symptoms or waking up in the night, use 7,000mg of Sodium Ascorbate (Buffered Vitamin C) every 2-3 hours until you find relief.

In general, use 3,000mg of Sodium Ascorbate.

Regimen for Charcoal

Adult dose 520-780mg every 4 hours until symptoms subside. And then simply twice a day during recovery.

Charcoal is more efficient when not taken with meals. However, a snack can be eaten 30 minutes after taking it.

Avoid buying charcoal with sorbitol as an added ingredient.

The American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (AACT) warns against use of activated charcoal if you have bleeding, a blockage, or holes in your gut.