Encouraging Quotes

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“Hope sits with us in the ashes. It says ‘despite what seems, there is more.’” -R.O.A.

“I know it may take time, but you deserve to believe that you are lovable” -A.M.M.

“You are never–and I mean never–too far gone. Ever.” -Anonymous

“No matter how deep a pit you may feel you are in, God’s arm is not too short to reach in and lift you out. …God will meet you where you are and help you get to where you need to be.” -Joyce Meyer, Healing the Soul of a Woman

“You are worth taking every ounce of this journey, because you are important, valuable, and precious. Even if your feelings (and/or other people) are telling you otherwise.” -A.M.M.

“There is hope for you, yet.” -Lina Singly

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